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Wildflower in Pink.
My Industrial Piercing.
Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello! So nothing much, just here to talk to you about my experiences with getting this particular piercing.

Now, I apologize for not actually showing pictures of the procedure as first of all, the store I went to didn't allow me to take photos, let alone actually recording it *boohoo* so I will explain in detail about getting it. While I'm here, I might as well tell you guys about my day with my best friend, Felicity.
She's two years younger than me and do check out her blog too!

Feli actually lived in Taiping and she came down to spend some time with me and accompanied me on getting the piercing. First we had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and I loved that place so much. The food and the atmosphere is pretty cool but it's kinda pricy for students so because of that I only come around once in a blue moon. And we caught up here and there. Yay!

I HAD to have her psych me up in case I ever want to back down. Because one, it might hurt (even my mum warned me) and two, it's pricey too. For a piercing it's above average but I'm glad I went for it.

The store I went to was at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid. It's like a special part of the mall where it has a selection of shops. So basically they have more towards tiny shops (unknown, usually for small businesses) and have more quirkier shops, like tattoos and lomo cameras. Of course, I was so happy that they have a specialty shop that specializes in professional piercings. I was nervous as fuck, I'm telling ya. Like everyone who went in for a piercing (or in my case, TWO) so there's no turning back now!

Aaaaaaaaaand a special shoutout to Felicity Tang for actually going through 5 tattoos, 7-8 piercings, and yet still afraid of needles!

k moving on.

So of course, first I have to choose my jewelry, and I'm actually really bummed they don't have it in silver. Only gold. And it's not rose gold either. Pure gold.


And after that I filled in a form for security reasons. And I'm not allowed to have any major piercing there if I'm under 16 (props to that). So I'm lead to a tiny room (almost the size of a dressing room, no kidding) with a chair and of course, my jewelry, cold spray, and of course, the freaking huge needle. But they aren't gonna pierce it like that though. They have clamps, and I felt the clamp having teeth on it. So basically I was seated down and I was freaking out like hell, and they first started off by spraying a little numb spray and I started to talk and talk and talk and talk. I talked and mumbled a lot and even asked questions like "Were there customers that are nervous too?" and of course, the piercer said yes and all. But one thing though;

I wasn't signaled to breathe in and out. I can feel the needle going through my ear. And blood poured through like Niagara falls and I died on the spot and I'm a ghost writer posting this on Adele's behalf.


But now I'll just tell you what I can about how I felt, since I actually got my piercing two weeks ago and I progressed a lot in terms of healing and aftercare.

So first, I felt the clamp on my ear, and it actually hurt, like one side of the clamp has two teeth, I guess? So it's on both sides of my ear on one of my cartilages. And I felt a needle going through. It's not that painful for me, as it's something like an injection going through my arm. But of course, because it's bigger, thus I felt a little more pain. Not forgetting the clamps too.

Okay second hole, I was honestly saying "Ow ow ow" and I actually forgot what I've said because it did sting a little bit and I was asking Feli how was it. And I know she wasn't glancing as much since she's terrified of needles (what the heck, I know) and the same procedure to the other cartilage. This time it hurt a little less though, maybe because it felt the same. It is actually pretty fast though. Less than two minutes I got it done, including inserting the jewelry. BUT the piercer told me to breathe in and out while she's inserting the barbell and I felt nothing. Geez that makes a difference, people. BREATHING HELPS OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE.

And so I'm done!

And here is how it looks like.

Okay, real deal.


Pain tolerance is actually really depends on people. Because honestly I realized I can tolerate this as many people who have had this piercing said it's very painful. But honestly it felt a little more painful than my lobe piercings because well, I can handle pain. So it's very subjective. If you ask me, I don't mind going through the procedure again as it's painful yes, but it's momentary. And it looks pretty cool so why not?

For me, I'd say it's around 4 or 5 out of the pain factor of 10? I'm pretty hard core I guess hahaha. You can definitely feel the needle and it's like a pinch, not very big yet not very small. It's like getting an injection but for your ears, with a slightly bigger needle. Slightly! But because you will feel it twice at one go, I have to admit it hurts for a moment, but that's it.

Never ever believe what other people say unless you have went through it. I was so scared that I almost backed out but I'm glad I didn't. When my Mum called, I even told her it's not that painful.

Also, I didn't bleed a lot! Which I'm thankful of. With proper piercing and proper hygiene this will never happen, am I glad!

How does it feel AFTER the piercing?

Like all piercings, you will feel pressure, like your ears will get hot as it's basically a wound (but with pretty jewelry) and it will feel very tender. A little touch and you can feel a little pain. Thank God though, with my long hair covering it, I didn't tug or bump my piercing, so basically on the day itself I only felt pain during the piercing! In fact, when you bump, tug, or touch it, it can feel a little more painful than the moment the needle went through your ears. But like I said, it counts on you and your tolerance to pain.

Is the aftercare a pain in the ass?

Well I don't say it but somewhat you have to look after it to prevent any bumps or infections, but it also counts on you! As you could be a fast healer or a slow one. The best thing to do is to soak your ear in some sea salt solution and use tea tree oil, but the best thing is to try which suits you best! For me I couldn't find sea salt so all I do is use warm water on a cotton pad and wash it everyday, and apply a special cream the piercer gave me, which helps in healing!
Just Google and there's tons of solutions in helping your new piercing heal!

Now that it's been two weeks, I can rotate my jewelry safely, I feel less pain, AND I can sleep on it!

This piercing is worth getting, y'all.
I can't wait for getting more piercings! But minor ones of course.
I want a double helix piercing and a tragus, and hopefully a rook piercing and a tattoo!

After two weeks.

I got it at Attic Piercing and Jewelry, which I highly recommend, yes it's slightly pricier than usual but finally there's a reliable piercing center that you can go to! Here's their Facebook profile and their Instagram.

Special thanks to Felicity for being there for me numerous times and for actually taking time to visit me! Looking forward to you coming back here again for your Septum Piercing

And here's a final photo of me and Feli drinking fancy Tea at TWG, Sunway Pyramid.

Photo Creds to Felicity

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!
Till next time,